Black Soldier Flies

This section will soon be developed with the hows, whys, etc. of raising black soldier fly larvae here at Raitong Organics Farm in Tambol Toom, Sisaket province. In the meantime, you can follow our work in realtime on this Google Maps link.

The latest photos of our work can also be seen on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

What are black soldier flies (BSF)?

Why are we raising BSF larvae?

We’re trying to completely phase out commercial feed inputs from our piggery by producing as much as we can on-site, including broken rice and bran (from our organic mill), BSF larvae and earthworms, duckweed and azeola, IMO mixtures, etc. BSF larvae represent a significant part of the pigs’ protein and fat needs, as well as being rich in a variety of important and easily digestible minerals and amino acids.

This is being done as part of a wider project we’re working on to completely revamp the way we raise our pigs, by re-looking at their food, housing, social needs and animal welfare. This is being done by blending together what we feel is the best of Korean / Thai natural farming techniques, closed loop farm management, zero waste, and a healthy dose of self-sufficiency.

Is it worth it, nutritionally speaking?

The nutritional profile of BSF larvae tends to reflect whatever the feedstuff is, but this is a basic starting point: Larry Newton et al. (2005) “Using the black soldier fly, Hermetia illucens, as a value-added tool for the management of swine manure.” Animal and Poultry Waste Management Center, North Carolina State University.



Based on these figures, and combined with other alternatives (fermented coconut pulp, dried duckweed, azeola, earthworms, etc.), we should be able to wean our pigs off commercial soybean meal.

How are we doing it?

Our first BSF larvae were caught from what appears to be an active wild local population. Gravid females will lay their eggs near to viable feed sources for their larvae, especially where no harmful chemicals are used (think: rotten rice, pig manure, etc.).

Progress updates:

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